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Asthma or bronchial asthma is a serious respiratory disorder that causes spasms, breathing problems and chest pain. Every year 34 million people are affected with this ailment. It is caused by severe inflammation of the respiratory airways. The symptoms of bronchial asthma are shortness of breath, wheezing, cough, and chest tightness. These conditions become worse during the night. There are various factors that trigger bronchial asthma mainly the generic factors and environmental factors. Asthma has been running into families and passing from parents to children. Small children suffer from asthma when women smoke during pregnancy. Other environmental factors are pollen, house dust, allergies, animal hair, and pollution. People get exposed to outdoor pollution that triggers bronchial asthma. Also in children are kept away from external exposure might become susceptible to the external irritants when they might be exposed in future. Bronchial asthma can be diagnosed by the blocking of the respiratory tract, shortness of breath and hyper responsiveness. Asthma triggers though cannot be completely controlled but it can be kept away by avoiding exposure to dust and pollen.

Treatment of asthma is possible generic albuterol. Salbutamol is effective in treating bronchial spasms chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Salbutamol inhaler is an FDA approved medication which is available without prescription online. Asthma attack can trigger any time hence it is essential and also advised by the doctors to keep Salbutamol inhaler handy.

GENERIC NAME: Salbutamol


Action Mechanism:

  • Salbutamol got its name from its content which it is made up of called salicyclic acid which is known as a short acting beta 2 agonist.
  • Generic albuterol works immediately in case of an asthma attack, chest tightness, shortness of breath.
  • Asthma triggers is recognized by shortness of breath, chest pain and tightness, coughing.
  • When there is an asthma trigger the albuterol inhaler is sucked through the mouth where the solution enters into the respiratory tract through the trachea.
  • The Salbutamol then eases the shortness of breath and chest tightness by making way through the air passage.
  • This way it makes breathing easy and relieves the patient from hyper responsiveness and bronchospasms.


Bottles Strength Price Action
1 Pc
100mcg (200 dosages)
2 Pcs
100mcg (200 dosages)
4 Pcs
100mcg (200 dosages)


Precautions to be taken with Albuterol Inhaler

The precautions associated with generic albuterol are:

  • The dosage administered by the doctor for you must be strictly followed and do not increase the dosage without getting prior approval from your doctor.
  • Sometimes if the albuterol inhaler does not relieve you from shortness of breath then immediately contact you doctor as there might be possibility that the trigger has worsened as there might be a requirement for taking another medication.
  • People with asthma must keep a check on the potassium  levels in blood, through regular checkups as medicines such as Salbutamol can lower potassium levels in blood due to hypoxia
  • If you find an unexpected rise of wheezing after using the asthma inhaler then stop it immediately as an alternative treatment is given. Contact your doctor immediately.
  • Use asthma inhaler carefully if you are suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperthyroidism etc.
  • Avoid this medication if you are allergic to its contents.


Side effects of Salbutamol:

  • Nervous tension , headache
  • Tremors of hands, palpitations
  • Paradoxical broncho spasms, muscle cramps.


Dosage and administration

The recommended dosage for an adult is 2 puffs within every 4-6 hours or as per recommended by the doctor.


Albuterol | Salbutamol | Generic Albuterol | Asthma Treatment | Albuterol Inhaler | Inhaler for Asthma